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The Adventurist - Genghis Grey - 40% Yak Cashmere

The Adventurist - Genghis Grey - 40% Yak Cashmere

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Made from a blend of Yak cashmere and Mongolian wool, “The Adventurist” is our mid-priced sock that’s tough and warm like fermented horse milk. Wearing them will make you want to conquer the far reaches of the world like Genghis Khan himself. Warm, water wicking and incredibly well fitted, you’ll want to wear these socks every day.

Composition: 40% Yak cashmere, 40% Mongolian wool, 14% nylon, 6% elastic. Sourced from Mongolian herders and manufactured in Ulan Bator.

Warm gray speckle. Colors may vary from what is pictured due to our dye-free process.



SIZE                 MENS           WOMEN

SMALL             4 - 5.5             5 - 6.5

MEDIUM          6 - 8.5             7 - 9.5

LARGE              9 - 12            1 0 – 13       

XL                12.5 - 14.5           NA

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