Our Values


At Happy Yak we seek to create a culture of caring beyond simply making sales. Through our business we seek to help herders maintain their traditional nomadic lifestyles. We also believe that we owe it to our global community to give back 3% of all our profits and products back further conservation and community improvement both locally and abroad. With that hope we set three simple rules for ourselves to build our company around.


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Respect for the planet

Yaks live in some of nature’s harshest, most remote and most untamed regions. This raw, wild beauty is fragile and threatened. We strive to maintain, support, educate and encourage an environmentally sustainable business that lives in balance with the world around it.


Respect for the animals

Yak cashmere is only available at select times during the year. Because of this, Happy Yak products are unique season to season. Unlike the merino industry, yak cashmere is not grown on industrialized, corporate farms that pump out product year round.


Respect for the people

We believe in community improvement both locally and abroad. Happy Yak helps to bring a source of economic stability to communities by buying straight from local herders. This means better quality, better product, and better lives.

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Happy Yak - Manufactured & designed in Mongolia and Bend, Oregon