Unlike your typical cotton garment or other man-made materials, yak cashmere does not need to be washed frequently thanks to its awesome anti-microbial properties. Yak cashmere will remain stink-free for quite some time and can be worn many times between washings if you simply air it out between adventures. Simply spot clean and air out your Happy Yak socks and you will be amazed at how long they last. A nice bonus is that less washing means you’re saving water, too!


Let's face it though, we know you're going to throw these in the washer and dryer because it's easier. That's ok. Our socks are designed to handle it. Just use cold water and delicate low heat to dry. Some "pilling" will happen after your first couple of machine wash and dry. This is normal and totally OK. The same thing happens when you machine wash and dry a nice sweater.