Community FAQs


We think the age-old golden rule neds to be updated to "Treat everything, not just people, the way you want to be treated".

How do you give back to the Community?

We encourage our employees and Community members to do whatever they can to give back to their Community and the world in any way they can. Every little bit helps, no matter how big or small.

  • We volunteer for causes we believe in
  • We petition our government leaders to drive positive global changes
  • We donate funds
  • And much, much more!


How much do you give back to the Community?

We give back 3% of our profits to charitable organizations both locally and internationally. We regularly switch up our supported charities because there's just way too many great organizations out there.


Why do you give back to the Community?

We lead by example in the hopes to inspire other people and companies to do the same thing. We're in this together. It's our job to make sure we're protecting the world around us.


What if I have some suggestions for charitible giving?

Let us know! Contact us and tell us.


How do I become part of the Field Test Team?
We hand-pick Team Members throughout the year to invite. We're always looking for passionate, dedicated customers to join. Show your love for Happy Yak by sharing your stories, adventures, pictures and experiences with the Happy Yak community on Facebook and Instagram and you might receive an invitation!

What do I get as Field Test Team member?
All kinds of fun stuff! Early access to prototype products, limited edition swag, stickers, exclusive merit badges and more!


What is Camp Yakasawkee?

Camp Yakasawkee is our exclusive lineup of swag for our Community. Camp Yakasawkee is inspired by that feeling of nostalgia we get when we think of summer camp, the smell of burnt marshmallows, wanderlust, free-spirited discovery and endless possibilities. 


What kind of swag does Camp Yakasawkee give out?

We like to keep it a surprise but we're going to be doing everything from honor badges, to shirts, to retro camping gear.


How do I get Camp Yakasawkee swag?

The only ways to get the Camp Yakasawkee gear is to buy Happy Yak product from us or take part in our fun Community challenges.


What is a Camp Yakasawkee Community Challenge?

We like to keep this a surprise too but it can be anything like photo contests, random entries or anything else we think of.


How do I find out about the next Camp Yakasawkee Community Challenge?

The only way to find out about the next Community Challenge is to follow Happy Yak on Instagram and Facebook!


Feel free to reach out. We love email!

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