Rambling on the joys of surfing

While the allure of hiking in the Pacific Northwest's majestic mountains is undeniable, there exists another realm that speaks to our souls on a different frequency—the captivating world of surfing. As the summer sun warms the land and the snow-capped peaks slowly yield to the elements, Happy Yak's co-founders, John and myself, find solace and rejuvenation on the open waves of the coast.

A Journey with the Waves: I've been surfing off and on since the 1990s and my business partner John's ventures over the last 15 years have led him to explore the far reaches of our globe, from Sri Lanka to Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica to distant shores unknown. Together, we know that the experience of catching a wave offers an unparalleled escape from the weight of the world, immersing us fully in the present moment.

The Magic of Nature's Energy: There's an undeniable enchantment in harnessing nature's raw energy during a powerful swell and translating it into momentum that propels us through the dynamic realm of the ocean. The ocean, a relentless teacher, imparts humility and respect upon those who seek to embrace its vastness. A ritual we hold dear involves a five-minute meditation before every session—a moment of quiet reflection that prepares us for the communion with the waves. In this sacred space, we express gratitude to the universe and to the nurturing ocean that cradles us in its embrace.

The Unpredictable Dance: The ocean is both a temperamental and giving partner, a dance of moods and tides. Each wave gifted to us is a treasure, a fleeting opportunity to ride nature's rhythm. With each exhilarating glide, we shed the burdens of life, momentarily existing in a world where worries are washed away by the ebb and flow. It's in these moments that we find clarity and connection, reminding us of our place in the grand tapestry of existence.

A Heartfelt Thank You: As we embark on another summer of surfing, we extend our deepest gratitude to the unwavering supporters of Happy Yak. Your patronage and belief in our vision have allowed us to flourish as a small business. We recognize and appreciate the significance of your contributions, and it's with a heart full of gratitude that we continue to chase the waves and our dreams.

Conclusion: This summer, we invite you to capture the essence of the glide, to embrace the therapeutic power of the ocean, and to find your own sanctuary on the waves. As the co-founders of Happy Yak, John and I stand united in our love for surfing—an everlasting love affair with the sea. So, with hearts full of enthusiasm and respect, we say to you: Surf on!

Warm regards, Zach and John

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